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Tyromotion GmbH is one of the world-wide leading R&D and manufacturers of robotic assisted and computer aided therapy units with the goal to sustainably improve patients’independence and quality of life. The company with headquarters in Graz has additional branch establishments in Germany, Switzerland and the USA and a global network of distribution partners.



After personal strokes of fate and a fortunate encounter with the medical director of a clinic in Graz (Austria) in 2007, David Ram and Alexander Kollreider founded Tyromotion - today the leading manufacturer of technology-based therapeutic devices.

Since 2007, Tyromotion provides a comprehensive overall therapy concept (Tyrotherapy) that enables physicians and therapists to put their patients at the heart of therapy and to work together on their goals.

Tyrotherapy –Putting patients at the heart of rehabilitation

Tyrotherapy is a unique therapeutic concept that combines the three key components intensity, dose and motivation to achieve the best possible therapeutic results within the shortest time, in a goal-oriented and motivated manner.

Tyrotherapy is suitable for all age groups, all phases of rehabilitation, all degrees of motor impairment and all body regions.


Tyromotion provides a full suite of products for the upper as well as the lower extremity plus trunk, that can be modularly combined. Combining hardware and software Tyromotion provides integrative solution from assessment to training.

             AMADEO? for finger-hand rehabilitation AMADEO?


DIEGO? for arm-shoulder rehabilitation


MYRO, the multisensory therapy system

PABLO? for hand-arm and trunk functional rehabilitation and gait analysis


OMEGO?- The multi-talent for all major gait therapy goals


TYMO? for trunk control assessment and training


Tyrostation - home to all individual components of PABLO? and TYMO?



Connected by the intelligent therapy software TyroS?and coupled with numerous assessments and bio feedback, Tyromotion products facilitate several forms of rehabilitation for children and adults with various indications. 

We are not content to copy things or just to be as good as others. We enjoy breaking new ground with innovative products in order to help people be self-determined and be able to actively take part in life again. To do so we provide a comprehensive overall solution that enables physicians and therapists to put their patients at the heart of therapy and to work together on their goals. By using the most modern technologies such as robotics, sensor technology, virtual reality and gamification, patients are guided through the rehabilitation process more intensively and motivationally.

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