Shanghai Pinzhi Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd.

One Stop Connection with Leading Edge International Healthcare Resources

Shanghai Pinzhi Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Once as Shanghai Pinzhi Investments Management Co., Ltd.) is a service provider focusing on offering management and professional training and education programs for high-end talents in healthcare industry and high quality international healthcare resource integrator. Pinzhi acts a proactive role in providing services for the development strategy of the healthcare industry, and under the support of excellent education concepts and specialty strengths at home and abroad, cultivating healthcare professionals with international horizon, innovation, and can contribute to the welfare of all Chinese people.

In 2016, Pinzhi and the Capacity Building and Continuing Education Centre of National Family Planning Commission (CBCEC) signed an agreement and become the operator and content producer of two portals - National Modern Hospital Management Online College and National Continuing Medical Education Platform. Authorized by CBCEC, Pinzhi Investments founded the Modern Hospital Management Research (Shanghai) Centre and the Continuous Professional Development Research (Shanghai) Centre to further support the portals with off-line consultation, medical training and education, research on talents cultivation, cutting-edge theories, technology and practice development, and education and promotion. In Authorized by CBCEC Pinzhi is preparing for the founding of capacity building research centre to fully cooperate with the healthcare reform, set up and broaden the path of professional hospital managers, and draw up professional training standard and code of conduct base on respective position competencies. Pinzhi also works closely with China Charity Federation on its precise poverty relief programs, and planned to set up rehabilitation and nursing talent training base in Shanghai.

Through long-term strategic cooperation with the world-renowned Charité University Hospital Berlin, Vamed Healthcare Co, Ltd, KPMG, and 50 top universities, Pinzhi built a training platform for practitioners in China's healthcare industry, integrating abundant resources and expertise from our partners in medical research, training and hospitals operation and management. Pinzhi is also supported by plentiful higher education institutions' training resources, experts in clinical medicine, nursing and hospital management to precisely target to the international frontier projects, techniques and cases and integrate with local situations. With a strong social network, Pinzhi Investments aims to contribute to China's healthcare reform.

To further explore and integrate high quality resources in and out of China and deepen international cooperation, combined with Chinese characteristics and special needs, Pinzhi introduces prominent project management and service experience to provide consulting services to healthcare facilities, including development, planning and construction of a new entity and professional valuation for the operation of capitals. Meanwhile, Pinzhi joins hands with it partners in healthcare industry, are setting up smooth and comprehensive international medical service platform to connect Chinese patients with leading edge medical treatments without any difficulties of communication.

Since its founding, Pinzhi has successfully fulfil programs and events like international healthcare summits, seminars, professional trainings, diploma programs and the issuing of the book German Hospital 4.0. Investors, regulators, hospitals, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies once work with Pinzhi all give a high appraisal to all it has accomplished. In the future, Pinzhi will keep carrying out its corporate culture – Integration, Innovation, Practice and Excellence – to make more contributions to Chinese healthcare industry.

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